How do I choose a light size and design?

David Trubridge Team -

There are three main ways to approach choosing one of our lights. Choose which one best suits you:

1. Based on what can physically fit (and what you like ofcourse).

Over a table (or other object or void) you can go bigger.
If you will walk under the light then measuring is vital.

2. By Lighting requirement.

Reading or working light. A light with an aperture/hole is Kina or it makes a clear spot of light.
Middle of room or for effect//emotion. Choose any light from our range.

3. Brave/Different ideas.

Groupings of lights can create dynamic effects such as putting one in the corner of the room, hung low. Or grouping different shapes/sizes in clusters. If so, odd numbers look better together. Using them as bedside lamps hung beside each bed side table....


Other things to consider:

  • You still can use task lighting in conjunction with our lights, you still need good clear light in kitchens.
  • You could still have one in the centre of kitchen or over dining table.
  • You might want to also have spots or directional task lighting for chopping food. then once your ready to serve keep the DT on for some ambiance.
  • Get a dimmer for extra control and mood
  • Don't be afraid of colour - use it as a focal point in the room - remember, it will change colour when the light bulb is on!
  • Remember - the close to a surface the stronger the shadows - so play with the length of cord to achieve the pattern strength you would like at night.
  • The lights look nice with a bit of cord drop..right up tight is not the it looks like Kina, Flax, or a round light like Coral or Floral give you the best look. 
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